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About Us

About Grey Insights

We Take Care of Your Problems Carefully

Grey Insights is led by a Multi-Disciplinary Team of mental health experts who have distinguished themselves both locally & internationally in facilitating emotional well-being awareness & support services.

Community Support

Our integrated treatment programme is of the highest standard based on the best practice principle of care and support.

Dr. Sola Olowookere

Medical Director

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Psychologist talking with patient on therapy session.
Who We Are

Immediate support available at the comfort of your home

Grey Insights Limited is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service delivery consortium, with a team of emotional and mental health professionals. Our company specializes in creating awareness and responding to emotional and mental health crisis in the workplace.

Our Vision

Help reduce significant risk associated with lack/ inadequate support in community

Our Mission

Prevent hospital admission and help facilitate early hospital discharge

If you need help or have some question, give us a call.

+44 208 087 2301

An Overview

Grey Insights’ Model

Our solution is bespoke and excellently packaged to resolve backlog issues.


Step 1

A Physician in accordance with other qualified members of Grey Insights will carefully carry out an initial desktop review of each referral.

Step 2

After careful review, we offer a consultation with the patient to help identify the risk, current issues and appropriate intervention(s) required, if any, and signpost to the relevant pathway.


Step 3

A report along with triage outcome is generated and sent within 48 hours. For backlogs of waiting list – a bespoke arrangement and schedule would be put in place